ALIS collaborates with MyToken to pioneer the Asian Market


Hello, ALIS community and Crypto lovers in the world!

On July 31st 2018, ALIS formed a business partnership with MyToken, a China-based crypto currency application with more than a million users. With this partnership, ALIS and MyToken will start updating each other with the general trend of Crypto market and any changes in regulations for the purpose of nurturing both communities. In addition, we are planning to develop a cooperating API between ALIS media(ALIS closed β for CRYPTO)and MyToken.

The background of the business partnership

In September 2017, ALIS held an ICO to actualize “blockchain-based social media which visualizes trustworthy articles and writers”, and in April 2018, the closed beta was launched. The community has already grown to the largest in Japan, and more than 200 articles about crypto currencies and blockchain are being published everyday. While Japan being the home ground, ALIS attempts to explore second/third markets in other Asian and English-speaking countries in order to deal with the uncertainty of Crypto market and to offer returns to investors.

MyToken is a world-famous crypto currency application with more than a million users mainly in China. The number of users continues to grow, and users seem content with its features that are speedily developed by a talented team; portfolio, exchange rate list, charts, and news on crypto currencies such as Hot Search. Recently, MyToken considers Japan as a key market to expand the community and is undertaking the localization and hiring local staff members.

The partnership was brought about when ALIS and MyToken found that the needs of both ends are perfectly met; ALIS expanding its market and MyToken aiming to establish a Japanese community. We came to an agreement that we will work jointly for product enhancement. We plan to execute various measures to mutually grow in Asian market, and here are some of the ideas;

*All are still tentative and subject to change without notice.

What is expected from this business partnership

1.Improve the quality of both products with the cooperating API

This business partnership is not a mere cooperation on the surface level but for mutual benefit to truly improve ALIS media and MyToken app. Without that achievement and the user bases’ growth, time and efforts will be wasted.

In the near future, we will seek every possible ways to develop a cooperating API between ALIS media (ALIS closed β for CRYPTO) and MyToken. To give one example, if articles published on ALIS media could be read on MyToken, ALIS users will be able to increase the impressions of the articles, and MyToken users can acquire latest and valuable information on each token. And of course, ALIS and MyToken can reinforce value positioning.

* ALIS will develop this API without violating the term of use.
* The above is still an idea and more brainstorming and planning is in the works.

2. Expand the markets in Asia by co-hosting promotional events

It is often the case that even if your project is already popular in your country, it is just no-name once you step out. What’s effective to acquire awareness in foreign places is references and feedback from local communities that are trustworthy. ALIS and MyToken will collaboratively host meetups to spread our precious communities not only in China and Japan but also in other Asian countries.

3. Knowledge sharing about each other’s market

The current Crypto market is still at dawn, and it is crucial to catch the latest information of each country’s regulations to benefit investors and protect the community. Even with experienced layers, it is a challenge to distinguish correct information from scam projects that are already spread worldwide. The key is whether to find out key players and the communities who are sincerely trying to advance the growth of the market.

ALIS and MyToken will regularly hold meetings, at least once a month, to share the news in the markets, any changes in regulations, and the key persons who can possibly boost the communities.

We strongly believe in the synergy between ALIS media where valuable articles aggregated and MyToken that provides market capitalization rankings of crypto currencies and manages portfolios, and our business partnership will open up new chances that are beneficial for both communities. Furthermore, ALIS will continue to look for possible collaborations with other projects to speed up the growth of the product and the community.

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