Putting the Blockchain Industry first, ALIS and Microsoft have launched a collaboration for the development of "tips" for API


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Blockchain Industry first, ALIS, and Microsoft have launched collaboration for the development of a “tips” API ~ Accelerating growth of the token economy through “Tips,” an initiative taking advantage of the unique potential of blockchain technology

ALIS Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masahiro Yasu, hereinafter referred to as ALIS) and Japan Microsoft Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo Takuya Hirano, President: Takuya Hirano, hereinafter referred to as Microsoft Corporation) will begin collaboration to develop a “Tips” API on Ethereum's PoA chain with the aim of accelerating the realization of the token economy in Japan from September 4, 2018.

Move value more smoothly

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"Tips” is a system inspired by the transfer of money as support or thanks from the audience to street performers and the “tips” that occur on a daily basis abroad in restaurants and elsewhere. Today, various kinds of exchanges are conducted through the internet, and movements of "tokens" on the net in the form of virtual currencies are beginning to occur frequently. Unlike traditional money handed over face to face, "tips” that utilize tokens can be done anytime, anywhere. Knowing the other party’s personal information is no longer necessary, either, thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts, for making secure and safe transactions.

Indeed, this can be said to be an implementation packed with the advantages of blockchain technology, since it can realize movement of value simply, securely, and affordably without an administrator or centralized oversight. Actually, the ALIS community also "tosses” ALIS tokens to promising new ventures and value creators (illustrations and manga production, development of new functions, contest prize money, event preparation, public relations activities, etc.) continuously. This type of transfer of value and online exchange activity is unprecedented and revolutionary.

In order to accelerate this movement, ALIS and Microsoft Japan have begun joint research regarding the construction of a tips platform in the token economy era, with a view to combine this technology with ALIS social media in the future.

Contributing to the sound growth and spread of block chain technology

In recent years, the concept of new services and token economies utilizing blockchain technology has attracted a lot of attention. However, compared to expectations for new economic activities rooted in that wonderful technology and value principle, the gap between idea and application is large, and there are still few cases where social adaptation is realized. In addition, in Japan, virtual currency and block chain technology are still often spoken of only from speculative perspectives.

ALIS, which has "Open and Transparent Business Operation" as one of its corporate philosophies, from the ICO to the present, has thoroughly disclosed the source code of the actual product, site data, team tasks, progress of the project, etc. Due to this commitment to transparency, ALIS currently has the largest community in the country in its field, and has built good relationships with domestic and foreign blockchain companies.

Even in this collaborative research, we will utilize the collaboration with the community, which is the invaluable asset that ALIS possesses, and the network with industry stakeholders, while seeking out and discovering those that can contribute to the development of the entire industry, and will share information in a timely manner.

Why Verify PoA with Microsoft Azure?

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At ALIS we value the idea of ​​decentralization that underlies blockchain technology. However, in the current situation, Ethereum as used by ALIS has a problem of scaling, and for the time being, PoA will be one of the effective options to serve as a solution to this important issue.

Microsoft is an important partner that has supported Ethereum's ecosystem from the very beginning, and is a viable cloud service provider for the foreseeable future, which continues to support advanced design philosophy, including the power of decentralization. In addition, they are providing Ethereum PoA solutions ahead of other platforms. In this respect, Microsoft has a high affinity with the culture of ALIS, which is a venture company pioneering and innovating in a new field and industry. At this time we will begin co-verifification of Ethereum’s PoA on Microsoft's Azure platform.

In addition, Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that has supported developments in blockchain technology—including Ethereum—from early on among major cloud services, and has contributed to the chain’s impressive growth. Azure has a large-scale operation record, and it can be said that it has a very great advantage compared with other platforms at this time. We have been, up until now, building and managing Ethereum's PoA chain on our own. As we continue to grow our services in the future, it will be our business task to return value to communities with higher quality and higher efficiency than we do now. We think that a joint verification of the blockchain using PoA, in a way that is compatible with existing businesses such as Microsoft Azure, is a critical element to the mainstreaming and growth of blockchain technologies and token economies.

Microsoft Japan’s Official Endorsement:

Japan Microsoft Co., Ltd. welcomes this collaboration with ALIS, building the industry's first “tips” API development and collaborative verification on Microsoft Azure.

Via this development, by utilizing the technology of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) such as "Ethereum Proof-of-Authority on Azure" provided by Microsoft Azure, we can easily and quickly put into place the necessary infrastructure for blockchain projects, and build a reliable platform on a global scale.

We hope that collaboration with ALIS Co., Ltd. will help us explore the new possibilities of blockchain business, and will contribute to the development of the whole domestic blockchain industry in Japan, leading to further dissemination and development of blockchain technology in the future.

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Executive officer of Microsoft Japan, Ltd. Japan
Satoshi Asano, General Manager, Cloud & Enterprise Business Division

Future plans

August 2018: Commencement of joint project
From October 2018: Publication of verification results, Introduction at various Microsoft events etc.
November 2018: Progress shared at Tech Summit 2018May 2019: Result announced at de: code 2019
※ This may change without notice.

May 2019: Result announced at de: code 2019

※ This may change without notice.

【About ALIS Corporation】

In September 2017 we raised more than 100 million yen in Japan's first ICO. We operate the blockchain space social media “ALIS," which connects trustworthy articles and people quickly and efficiently. Currently, using the closed beta version product released in April 2018, we are conducting verification towards the realization of value provided together with the largest community in Japan.


For coverage and inquiries on this matter, please contact us at the following e-mail address. We will provide the information necessary for utilization of blockchain technology and expansion of the token economy free of charge.



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