【Member Profile 8】Engineer Reishi

Hello, I am an engineer who will now be working with the ALIS team! I will join as a full member from September 2018.

At ALIS, I will be mainly responsible for designing, estimating, and implementing the server side of things. I think that I would like to write about myself by giving my self-introduction! Thank you!

# Self-introduction

【Name】Narisada Reishi,

Graduated from:

Hiroshima University


In university I majored in applied chemistry in Kansai. Before joining ALIS, I was developing applications with Rails and React. We implemented apps from the front end to the back end, and we were operating with AWS. In particular, ALIS is using my experience developing front-end implementations in exchanges-related system development, and development related to AWS Lambda and others.


Music: I was in a light music circle at university. I like guitar and songs. Music like John Mayer, Norah Jones, for example. I can relax and chill in a dignified mood. I like a wide range of music like heavy rain and intense music. (I like the songs that are slightly darker and particularly like minor tones ...)

Reading: I like history books and light philosophy. My favorite books are those of Erich Fromm.

Finally, I love Net flix 🎬 (I can spend an infinity there when I'm lazily looking around ...)

Well, I guess that’s about it for my simple self-introduction. Maybe some of you can relate. Now I’d like to go beyond the small talk to bigger things.

Let's talk a bit about the universe.

There are still various mysteries in the universe, but there are issues concerning the mass and gravity of the whole universe not being balanced. What astrophysicists have found to solve this mystery is the concept of “dark matter.” It is said that galaxies do not diverge, and it has been established that the gravity balance is disrupted because there is a thing called dark matter that exists, although it’s yet undiscovered.

Yes, without the dark matter, there could be no galaxies. I think that if there is no darkness, there can be no light.

Well, now I will write about why I am joining the ALIS team.

Why did you join the ALIS team?

First of all, I’ll write my reasoning from an engineer's perspective.

Originally, I was interested in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain from around December, 2016. Personally, I examined the main technology behind Bitcoin and I read the Ethereum wiki page, and I became impatient to learn more.

"The speed of tech evolution in this industry, and the overwhelming amount of news is at such a level where you will be left behind unless you become a player."

I felt this from around 2017. From that time I decided to step into the world of blockchain, and as a result am where I am now. I was especially touched when I read a blog about the architecture combined with serverless systems and PoA. Totally interesting! From the bottom of my heart! I remember I felt just that way.

Next I will explain my reasoning from a social perspective.

When I was browsing the ALIS service as a user before joining—while reading articles and comments from various people with a wide variety of opinions and ideas about the future of the service, like ALIS's significance as a social system—I felt that I was witnessing something truly novel and innovative. At least for me, I was very shocked because I had never seen such a variety of people have such a thought. The phenomenon that individuals can think about the way a social system should be, and the phenomenon of trying to proceed forward is totally new to me and it is why I became interested.

Another big reason is because I am personally concerned about complex systems such as mechanism design.


Members of ALIS are extremely unique, sharp, and clever, but I feel that everyone is also gentle and kind, every day. Every day as I am an engineer and a social worker, I feel that many studies are going to be done from now on. I hope to contribute not only to learning but also good output for ALIS team from my new position!

Thank you!

Reishi Narisada


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