Fee at the lowest level in the industry! AvacusASK’s possibility and the future of “Inclusion”.

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This is Monaka!

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Avacus, which is known for its service that let people enjoy shopping at Amazon with discounts by using cryptocurrency, announced that a new service will start this fall!

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That new service is, "Crowdsourcing service using cryptocurrency" AvacusASK (a-va-KHUS-ASK).

Avacus also announced the method of how Avacus management returns the majority of the fees, that they gain by operating AvacusASK to the VACUS holders who also holds the dividend sub-token VACUS.ASK (VA-khus.ASK) and A new program for mining sub-tokens in Avacus (from Aug 15th 2018 ~) at the same time.

☝Currently mining is on fire! Check out my past article about it!

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Although Avacus has released new programs and updates in just 
8 months from the launch last December and has been amusing and entertaining us with an idea from above and beyond which was all Holder-friendly, a secret big project that had not been described in the annual business plan will finally start!

★Out of anything, The fee is overwhelmingly cheaper than the existing crowdsourcing services. (The AvacusASK fee is only 5% of the transaction amount!)

★You can create an offer with a task, freely like Avacus.

And because of crowdsourcing that utilizes blockchain,
there is a future where “Inclusion”
can be realized!

I would like to fill my imagination for a moment by emphasizing these points, and think about the possibilities of AvacusASK.

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■What kind of service is AvacusASK?

AvacusASK is a crowdsourcing service that can request or accept large tasks to simple tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Information on the contractee and the contractor will not go out and the transaction safety is fully secured.
It can also handle particular requests like paying the percentage of compensation based on the accomplished portion of the task/work.

It is said that 1 in 6 people are now working freelance in Japan.

It is also said that 1 in 3 people are working freelance in America, which is a freelance powered county and there is survey data that it will reach the majority of the labor force population in the near future.

In addition, the “Side job” and “Work in parallel” which are centers of the reformation of “How to work” are getting more attention, and the word “Freelance” has been taken up by a broader definition.

The market size of the crowdsourcing industry will continue to expand in the future as more people choose free and flexible working methods.

■Fee at the lowest level in the industry!

AvacusASK transaction fee is 5% of the total payment amount.

(´-`).。oO (Perhaps, 5% fee is considerably cheap? What are the fees of existing crowdsourcing?)

[Reference examples]
Cloud Works ... 20% (100,000 yen or less)
Lancers ... 20% (100,000 yen or less)


This fee will be deducted from the compensation of the so-called “Contractor” who accepted the task.

Let’s say you write an article with a compensation of 10,000 yen, for example.

When a 20% fee is subtracted from it, it will only be 8,000 yen.

If the price per character is set to 1 yen, you must work 2,000 characters worth for free.

However, if the contractor receives a request on AvacusASK,the fee will be 500 yen, which is 5%, and the payment will be 9,500 yen.

The difference comes to 1,500 yen.
You can eat steak every day just by working through Avacus instead! I WANT TO HAVE A STEAK!

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(This is my favorite food, GYU-TAN! The Japanese love beef tongue steak!)

Back to the story!

Isn’t this AvacusASK 5% fee great news for contractors who chose crowdsourcing as a method of work?!

It is ideal to be freed from traditional high fees, and work methods such as “Freelance” work and “Work-at-home” brings more fullness and comfort!

■Is it ok for Avacus to offer such a low fee?

A very simple question that came across my mind.

So I Asked Matsukabu, who is in Avacus management, directly and straightforward...

“It’s all OK. Everyone who’s working with a 20% fee,
welcome to AvacusASK!”

What an assuring statement!

There is a price-slashing impact when comparing with existing crowdsourcing, but there are two major points that Avacus can expect revenue from.

In the current Amazon transaction which Avacus offers,
there is a competitor called “Purse”, but there is no other competitor for crowdsourcing using cryptocurrency at the moment.
And as I mentioned in the previous section, it is considered easier for users to choose AvacusASK from the standpoint that the existing crowdsourcing fee is high!

… Still… isn’t it way too cheap?

I would love to support such thoughtful management
which offers low fees for every service and returns the majority of it as a dividend!

There’s only one way to do this…
Let’s get the party started for AvacusASK!

■ASK seems to have a potential of creating more tasks besides ordinary work!

“Task/Work” is pretty broad, and can be as simple as “guiding directions” and “errand”.

In addition to so-called “Work requests”, such as document production, icon production and site production.

・Help wanted: i.e.“Please purchase OO at Target and send it to me.”, “Please purchase limited item at the event or at the theme park.”   

・A small favor: i.e.“Recommendation for restaurants and hotels in Okinawa”, “Recommendation for sightseeing spots and local favorites in Australia”   

・Sharing favor: i.e.“Looking for a parking spot around the stadium on Monday night”

・Temp work: i.e.“‘I’d like to get advice on starting a business”, “Looking for a DJ for a special event on Saturday night”, “Recruiting a person who can create ○○ to make this new product line for my company”

These are just an examples which Matsukabu(Manager of Avacus) suggested.

In other words, if you can define it as “work”, you can do anything!

I believe that such freedom like this suits the creativity of Avacus.

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■Inclusion can be realized because of the use of cryptocurrency in crowdsourcing.

For example, it is probably difficult to request people around the world to work at the same time, with existing crowdsourcing.

With existing services,
・The contractors need to have a bank account to receive payment at first.
・No payment from crowdsourcing is made unless the compensation balance exceeds a certain amount.
・You have to wait until the payment date (usually monthly) to get paid even though your work has been completed.
・Payment is only available in Japanese yen.

First of all, only those who have a bank account in Japan can participate in this type of crowdsourcing.

It takes too many days and fees for contractors to receive payment.

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With AvacusASK you can realize what you could not do with existing crowdsourcing using blockchain technology!

◎AvacusASK, can “Include” people who do not have a bank account as contractors. (billions of people all over the world)

◎You can pay contractors their compensation immediately, always, even with a very low amount.

◎The cryptocurrency payment can be used immediately for Avacus shopping, and in the future the convenience of the cryptocurrency itself should improve.

◎Depending on the country, the average compensation for crowdsourcing exceeds the average wage in the home country, and in many situations, the cryptocurrency may be more reliable than Fiat.

The cryptocurrency has the advantage of being able to send money quickly with much less time and fees than Fiat.

Crowdsourcing services may make the best use of the merit of cryptocurrency.

Most Japanese people have bank accounts naturally, but there are people in the world who don’t have what we naturally have and are economically excluded and are forced to have a poor life.

The blockchain frees such people from disparity and creates a breakthrough to make “Inclusion” possible.

Everyone can participate equally in economic activities regardless of race, nationality, gender, personality, academic background and position. Everyone can get employment opportunities, become independent and have a stable life.

The chance to enrich one’s life is given equally to everyone in the future by blockchain.

Also, currently Avacus's website is compatible with Japanese · English · Chinese · Korean · Vietnamese, and overseas Amazon (United States · UK · Germany) has been supported and because Avacus is aggressively working overseas, Avacus can bring even more innovation.

In other words, people from all over the world will use the cryptocurrency earned by AvacusASK's compensation to develop further business, or use Avacus for shopping to get food and/or daily necessities, and the value of VACUS itself will go up and your assets will be increasing unexpectedly.

Isn’t that a nice future?

That, was the story.

AvacusASK, the future has just began!

                      Translated by @CryptoYami

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