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ALIS and Hakuhodo to start collaborative research on value exchange process of Token Economy, analyzing which factors are important for visualizing trustworthy people through ALIS social networks using graph theory.

ALIS Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masahiro Yasu, hereinafter referred to as ALIS) and Hakuhodo Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Masayuki Mizushima, hereinafter referred to as Hakuhodo) will start collaborative research aiming at development of the domestic blockchain industry and accelerating the realization of the token economy from November 30, 2018.

Identifying the structure and growth factors of a token economy

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In recent years, due to the development of blockchain technology, the keyword "Decentralized" or "Trustless” attracts attention in the context of securing transactions and personal trust without going through a trusted third party organization. As a result, the concept of "token economy" has also appeared, and instances where people with common ideals and values exchange value via tokens, are beginning to increase.

Social media "ALIS”, a blockchain-based social media network, is one of these instances. We have a mechanism by which ALIS tokens are credited to those who both create and curate high-quality articles. Additionally, new use cases are born on the site every day, despite ALIS still being only in its beta version.

In order to accelerate this movement, ALIS and Hakuhodo will proceed with collaborative research aimed at the output for future industry development and the identification of "token economy growth factors,” which are necessary for both service and growth.

Co-creation of value with the community

ALIS is a player with yet few token-related products in the country, but after publishing the closed beta version product of April 2018, ALISISTA (named after the community member “Alista”), we are doing a product differentiation with a completely different approach from that of conventional business development and product creation. Our community are the creators.

In the ALIS community, various activities such as function development using ALIS's API, illustration / manga production, event organization in various parts of the country, sales of goods, radio broadcasts etc. are all carried out by various and active community members.

Cooperation with HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative

In September 2018 Hakuhodo launched the "Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative" and started a project to develop services related to the use of blockchain technology and talk community formation. We are advancing the analysis utilizing the behavioral data of an abundant consumer set, while setting up a “lifestyle-led society" that creates value for said society, becoming an entity in which each consumer disseminates information, creating and acting more than in traditional online communities.

HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative uses network analysis based on graph theory to apply unique indicators (activity degree, formation degree, maturity degree, density, magnification degree, etc) to grasp community conditions and individual indicators. We have developed a token community analyzer that calculates unique indicators (propagation power, diffusion power, influence, centripetal force, appealing power) for evaluating a consumer's power by statistical methods and analysis of this data. This is what we now bring to the table in this collaborative effort.

<HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative, token community analysis service "Token Community Analyzer" developed - State of the token community and unique indication of the power of consumers ~>

※This article is in Japanese.

This time, using valuable data possessed by ALIS, it is possible to conduct joint research on value exchange processes in token economies by making use of various knowledge via the token community analyzer developed by HAKUHODO, Blockchain Initiative and living-driven society. We think that this development is not only important for us, but for the industry as a whole

HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative’s Mr. Itoh comments:

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“We sincerely welcome the start of collaborative research on value exchange processes of the token economy with ALIS Inc.

We share the same view that "blockchains empower individual consumers, and can create a better society through social implementation of blockchains".

Through this initiative, by utilizing the data analysis service "Token Community Analyzer" focused more on living, developed by the HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative, we hope to contribute to the growth of the ALIS community and the development of the entire blockchain industry.”

Future plans

As for the results of this collaborative research, we plan to create an event featuring both companies in the future, and to release this information to the world for the spread and development of token economies everywhere.

※ Schedule subject to change

November 2018: Commencement of collaborative research

February 2019: Hosting events that share the progress of research results

From April 2019: Presentation of research results on the following focus themes:

・Cluster classification of people in the community
・Sharing key success factors hypothesis and verification results towards the permanent growth of the community
・Search for possibility of token economy adaptation in the marketing

About ALIS

We operate block album social media "ALIS" which can connect trustworthy articles and individuals quickly and efficiently. Currently, using the closed beta version of the product released in April 2018, we are conducting a verification test towards the realization of value provided by, through, and for, the community.

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