AVACUS’s new program “Trading Currency Sponsor System”

Hi all! This is Avaholic Cryptanbaby Monaka!

Avacus recently announced that BCH has won the voting session to become a new trading currency and an airdrop has just been completed accordingly.

An exciting night passes and they announced a new program!
 (So quick!)

This new program is...
“Trading Currency Sponsor System”

What is it?

It’s a groundbreaking program 
for “directly increasing the value of VACUS”!

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Sponsor system??? Cryptanbabies might get confused with these unfamiliar words!

Allow me to explain how this new program 
about sponsor category works.

■What is trading currency sponsor system...?

By paying a fixed fee (listing fee + Annual maintenance fee), the sponsor’s selected currency will become available on Avacus.
It is a trial to create a purchase option for so-called Avacus listing rights.

❖Quite naturally, lots of money flows in

“Is it just for management to gain profit?!”
Some people might say that but don’t worry! 
The management team of Avacus is not such selfish people.

Management will not lay a hand on the profit 

gained from the sponsor system.

So, where does the money earned from the sponsor system go?

❖It will be fully used to burn existing VACUS.

For the first time only, the listing fee of 10BTC and an annual maintenance fee of 2BTC, total 12BTC, will be paid from the sponsor.
※Those fees will most likely be changed later on.

With a listing fee of 10BTC, Avacus will buyback and burn these existing VACUS that are circulating in the market

But when and how are they going to buyback?
Details are not disclosed at this moment.

“Directly increase the value of VACUS”

But this program’s purpose is to “directly increase the value of VACUS”, then perhaps this buyback will result in raising VACUS’s value!

And then, the VACUS that are taken away from the market will be…


ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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\Let it Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrn!/

By burning VACUS, not only does it decrease floating numbers but it also increases the dividend* rate since burned VACUS won’t be subject to Avacus’s dividend lottery. In result, it will directly increase the value of VACUS.

*Dividend is Avacus’s system where users will receive 100% of the fees from Avacus transactions. (for one year only, normally 75%) The fee(s) will be given to the sub-token holder as a dividend by a lottery. All users who have a sub-token (BTC:VACUS, VACUS:VACUS.VACUS) of currency that are available on Avacus is eligible for this lottery.

Unlike the common story of burning what issuer’s hold, Avacus will “Buyback” the VACUS that is already in the market to burn.

☝This Is so important!

You can clearly see that management 

is not doing this for their profit.

❖Difference between voting and Sponsor system

100 % of the dividend in sub-token will go to the sponsor when listed with sponsor system.

Like BCH, when listing currency is chosen by voting, VACUS holders will receive the sub-token distribution for free. But with the sponsor system, the sponsor will get 100% of the sub-token.

(As for distribution of the sub-token to the holder of the sponsor’s currency, it will all depend on the sponsor. The sponsor can freely decide whether to distribute it or to keep it all.)

Basic content is pretty much done.

It wasn’t too difficult. Was it?

So far so good?


Let me unleash the real deal of this program!

The reason this program is so interesting is that it can clearly decide the token’s fate by great token and shxt token.
Yet no one will lose anything.

Are you babies confused???

Don’t worry. Let’s think about this together!

To be listed on Avacus using the sponsor system requires 12BTC*.
※First time only, this may change in the future.
About 10 million yen ($80K) is pretty pricey.

So what is the benefit for the sponsor who wants to list their token on Avacus by paying this good amount of fee?

・Gain 100% of sub-token (= Transaction fee with this particular currency will be given to the sponsor as a dividend)
・Token value as a currency will go up as it becomes available to shop on Amazon via Avacus.

OK, you got this so far?

In addition to this, this is the first time and Avacus is only targeting counterparty tokens. “Bad mobility” which is a major problem of all counterparty tokens, will be solved by getting listed on Avacus.
This will be a great surprise!

●If this trial will be successful it will seem to be available for other tokens than CP tokens in the future.

That being said, any token you want to push may be possible to get listed by the mighty power of … You know what I’m going to say,,, (money!).

Of course the listing fee will go up if it’s other than CP token based on development fee and so on.

Now, back to the story…!

◇If the sponsored token has great potential

(1 billion VACUS sub-token was issued, about 1 yen (0.9 cent) per token. Which means by simple calculation, market value is about 1 Billion yen ($9Mil). For example, VACUS.BCH was 5 yen (4.5 cent) per token, resulting in a market value of 5 Billion yen ($45Mil)

The sponsor can purchase a mobility and a value of 5 Billion yen ($450Mil) worth of token that can be used as trading currency for 10 Million yen ($90K).


◇If the sponsored token is a real shxt coin

Obviously, if the token doesn’t actually get used, there won’t be any “dividend”, meaning, token value will not increase and the 10 Million yen ($90K) listing fee just results as an expensive fee with nothing in return. That means, there’s no point in sxxt coins getting listed on Avacus using the sponsor system.

But even if the token which gets listed is sxxt coin, the listing fee Avacus charges will be used to buyback and burn existing VACUS and that will results in increasing VACUS’s value.

Also, as the value of getting listed on Avacus is more commonly known, it will make the voting session to get listed for free more exciting in the future.

Isn’t this awesome?
After the announcement of this program, I was shivering thinking
 “What are you guys?? So crazy!” (in a good way obviously!)
 to the management team!

Also, to use the entire revenue earned by this sponsor system to burn existing VACUS from circulation means that the management team will not receive a penny from it.

Doing things like this, reminds me of the management saying “management and holder are essentially the same”, and I truly respect that ambition and that shows this thoughtful program was created with consideration of the holder’s side of view.
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Didn’t you think that Avacus could be applied much more than you thought with this newly announced program?

Continue to increase such ecosystems in the future, with everyone.

Great experiments using blockchain like this, are starting right now.

I can not imagine how big Avacus will be in the future,

all I can say now for sure is that

Avacus is just getting started!

                      Translated by @CryptoYami

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